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Everything is all right with the legend of the restaurant “Expedition”. Moreover the selected cuisine style gives free rein of the imagination to the customer. This is not something like an Italian, American or even Ukrainian cuisine with pampushkas. This is the establishment of the northern cuisine. And nobody knows what this cuisine is. It is ay be cuisine of Aleut or Chukotka. And the, there is a tale (in the sense of the narration) about the romantic tramps which have been stricken somewhere in the polar circle due to the failure of the helicopter and have been forced to eat just green fodder. And what can be under your feet in the Far North? Apparently there are taimen in the cranberry sauce. So that is why the good fellows gave the awful oath to open the whole range of tramps` emotions to the Muscovites, abandoned by the helicopter pilots to be eaten by the Taiga mosquitoes. So the restaurant hall with the housing orange helicopter appeared. This hall was notable from the last table, with the trunks of the pine trees which did not fall into the fire, with stuffed grouse and flown tunes from the speaker about the “Skies stand near the chimney”. For the very impressionable persons the part of the floor was posted with the bulletproof clear glass, which opened the eyes of the customers, something like deep river bed of the Taiga stream.
Some ladies stopped unaccustomed in front of this “stream”, hoping their cavaliers to demonstrate the power of their hands as if asking “Will you take me from the creek”. In a word the whole situation reminded the pavilion of the “Mosfilm” in the moment when the property-men had already collected a part of the entrusted property, creating the sense of the foggy weather and the smell of Taiga.
Well what at the tables could be served? The phrase of Zhvanetsky came on the mind: “Let`s argue about the taste lobsters with those who has already tasted them”. It was dazzled from the names of snacks, so didn’t see the Northern lights.
The prices were also explicit with the expectation of a purely north supplement. Well the dishes were unprecedented and even unheard-of. There were for example sliced frozen reindeer meat and starlet. In the names of the dishes one could know the technology of the hungry Neanderthal on the eve of the mastering by humanity fire. And what about sliced white salmon or fern fried in cedar oil?
Just all the nature could be our food pantry. But the most intriguing was the dish of “polar hare”. So with the March hare we seemed to be familiar, but with this one not yet.
Beside Zvanetsky an anecdote about the owner of a restaurant came to mind. This head of the restaurant owed the clients to feed with meat if crocodiles and pythons. “What are you going to do if the meat ends? – we are going to open the cans of stew…” of course the stroganina was real, although the taste was not so unusual, but did not amaze the imagination. Eventually there were enough sushi bars with raw fish.
If there were no any annotations in the menu, everyone could think the stroganina was a kind of standard dried bear snacks in bags, which you could find in every street for twenty rubles. But as the critics had noted, in every Moscow restaurant we had to pay for not for food but for the interior. And the interior of the restaurant “Expedition” was incredible. Also on the first floor there was a shop with Northern souvenirs, T-shirts and high fur boots. They said that if you were satisfied with our cuisine and entourage you would buy the Northern uniform and went for hunting for the “polar hares”. And if you bought a t-shirt with the inscription type “the parents think I`m in school”, you subsidized the future expeditions to Salekhard to hunt for a duck-pochard for the soup.